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Free immigrant labor preselection service

With us, skills from elsewhere

Why hire people from diverse backgrounds? Because our candidates have an excellent professional profile, quite simply!
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How can our services help you?

  • Meet your current and future human resources needs
  • Save time and money
  • For each job offer you send us, you will receive resumes that match your requirements within 4 days
  • We organize recruitment sessions and job interviews at our premises, free of charge.

Our candidates have:

  • Many and varied professions
  • A status that allows them to take up a job now
  • Skills in demand
    – Training acquired from internationally renowned institutions
    – Proficiency in several languages
  • Preparing for the job market
    – Values and functioning of the Quebec society and job market
    – Change management
    – Job search techniques for the Quebec job market
    – Mastery of the main software and internet

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